Rhyming Poem




Halloween makes you scream,

It makes you feel like a queen,

If you drees up like a zombie,

You’ll want to eat Apple crombie,

Halloween is that one night,

where you get to give people a fright,

I like going trick our treating,

You’ll end up over eating,

You’ll hear people squeaking,

At the treats you are eating

What poem do you like and why


Haiku Poems

Flowers are blooming

The sun is warm up high

This season is great


Haiku pomes have originated in Japan. The 3 lines all have to have different syllables the first one has to have 5 syllables the second one has to have 7 and the third one has to have 5.





I would bring bees because they could pollinate plants. The animals could also eat the plants so they survive. You could also get honey from the bees

I would bring cows because the are a herbivore so they don’t eat other animals. They can produce milk. They can also be beef

I would also save goats because you can use there milk to make soap an cheese. If they are hungry they will eat anything.

I would save sheep because you can use there wool to keep worm. You can eat there meat. You can make cloths.

I would save worms because they keep the ground fertilised. Other animals can eat them.


What at is your favourite animal and why?