Leadership Talk



Today Shawn the police man came and talked about how to be a leader firstly he talked about how he was shy as a kid and to challenge your self, secondly he talked about being a police officer and being a role model, lastly he talked about him going to a leadership course and what they told him like treat people differently and not to be friends with other people.


what role do you want to be?





Today Mrs Montgomery came to all the grade fives and she thought us how to be a leader and to be a leader you will need to be…

Honest- You will always have to tell the truth or no one will trust you.

listing- You will have to listen to people on what they have to say.

Trust- You need to trust people.

Strong- You need to be mentally strong.

Humor – You have to laugh with them not at them.

Teamwork- Sometimes have to work together to achieve.

Focus- You have to focus on what is important.

I have had to trust people with keeping a secret.

I have had to focus on the more important things in life then something else.

What one of these is the most impotent and why?