Cause and Effect

Cause is something that happens and the effect is what happens in a result for example the cause is the Tier went flat and the effect is the car stopped. The task that we where given was to watch a short clip of Monsters Inc and then make a table two wide and ten down at the top we wrote cause and effect. Then we wrote what the causes and the effects where.


Inter School Sport

Today all the grade fives and sixs played school sport. I was in the footy rockets The whole team was ready. In the first quarter I was back the ball was thrown upend the ball when ts tight to me and a I kicked it out the it bounced right to them and they scored a goal. In the second quarter they scored a lot of goals. The 3rd quarter we kept them out of there forward. In the forth quarter we where winning then we got the ball into our forward and I scored a goal.


Monty Leadership Day


On the 5th of August all the grade 5s went to Montmorencey Secondary College to learn more about leadership. We focused on  strategy, teamwork, initiative, persistence and co-operation.

We did ten activities that have to do with leadership. Firstly we did the Flying Blind which was where everyone was blind folded expect for one, and the others had to be put somewhere in the room. Their was one person who had to make sound with out there mouth to make the other people come to them.

The other activities where Elevation Frustration, Coin Laundry, Aardvark Challenge, International jewel heist, Airport Dash, Translation Station and Words with Friends.

At the end of the day I learnt the meaning of leadership and how to be a leader.

What was the biggest highlight for you and why?





I would bring bees because they could pollinate plants. The animals could also eat the plants so they survive. You could also get honey from the bees

I would bring cows because the are a herbivore so they don’t eat other animals. They can produce milk. They can also be beef

I would also save goats because you can use there milk to make soap an cheese. If they are hungry they will eat anything.

I would save sheep because you can use there wool to keep worm. You can eat there meat. You can make cloths.

I would save worms because they keep the ground fertilised. Other animals can eat them.


What at is your favourite animal and why?


How To Make A Quality Post

How To Make A Quality Post To make a quality post you have to have

  • Title
  • Photo (optional)(refracted if of internet)
  • Description
  • Question (answer can’t be yes or no)
  • Correct Spelling
  • Correct Punctuation
  • Check over your work
  • No text talk
  • No hashtags

What do you think  a quality comment  is?