The Dark Blue 100 Ride Bus Ticket

this is a place where I will be taking photos of my Lit Circles

Week 1
The book I am reading is The Dark Blue 100 Ride Bus Ticket and in my group is Lily, Ben H, Aleecia and lauran. My first job was the word wizard which has to pick a word then write antonyms and synonyms about that word after that I had to wright the sentence I got it from and the dictionary definition of that word. Then we got into our groups and discussed what we did. Then the distinction director had to mark us.

Week 2
This week I was the literary luminary so I had to pick a sentience from the book and wright why we wrote it. After that I wrote a summery of the book and a prediction I am finding the book very intense and mysterious.

Week 3

This week I am discussion director so I have to ask questions about the book and then when we are sharing my group will have to answer them after that I will have to mark them on how well they did on the role.

Week 4

This week I’m connecter I will have to right stuff from the book that I can relate to. After that I wrote my summary about the book I am enjoying this Book.

Week 5

This week I am character captain and illustrator mapper for the character captain  I have to connect two main characters so we had to do the same and the differences of the two characters for the illustrator mapper I have to draw a scene form the book and describe it in a few sentences

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