This is a place where I will be writing on our group’s challenge

Week 1: In our group we have Ben, Hayden, Jack and I. We had lots of ideas but some did not work so the group disied on Plantition Day which Is where we ask local nursery if we can have some plants that they are throwing out. Befor that we are going to ask the building and ground comity where we can plant the. When we have promisin we will ask all the EC  for help. This helps with our impacts because we are planting plants so we can breath better and it creates a new habits for animals.


Week 2
In our group we worked more on plantation day. It did not start well with all of us arguing about everything then Miss May came to correct them and she told us what we had to do and everything was fine agin. We got straight to work again. We had to write a draft on pages to send to the local nursery.


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