Inter School Sports

Today it is Friday so we have sport all of the rockets had a bye so we played a torment with our team first to three sets. First I played doubles we got started they won the toss and the chose to receive they one the first two points then we got a point then they won the set. The second set we got three points the they came back so it was Duce then they won the set. We knew that we needed to play our best and we won the first set and another so the score was two all, then we got to Duce again we got advantage and the they hit it out and we won.

How did your team go?


Inter School Sport

Today all the grade fives and sixs played school sport. I was in the footy rockets The whole team was ready. In the first quarter I was back the ball was thrown upend the ball when ts tight to me and a I kicked it out the it bounced right to them and they scored a goal. In the second quarter they scored a lot of goals. The 3rd quarter we kept them out of there forward. In the forth quarter we where winning then we got the ball into our forward and I scored a goal.