Today we went to a space centre with 5V. We got straight on the bus which took 40 minutes when we arrived we got straight into it. First we went to where you learn about static electricity with Chris. Then we had to rub a ballon to our heads and the see if it was attracted (sticked to the object) repel ( when’t away from the object) then we got right into it .We touched objects together to see if they would repel or attract. After snack we had to build a circuit and build a dancing robot out of wires, a motor, a battery and a CD.

After lunch and ‘this was the existing part’ we got to do experiments that you would have to do on Mars then an alert when’t off, the ship was hit by meteor we only had a few minutes left but luckily Misson control told us in time. Next we when’t to Misson control (my favourite) we asked the people in the lab questions about there task. BEEP BEEP BEEP the alarm went off, an unknown virus was coming, luckily we where quick and saved them.

What was your favourite task and why?


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