Today we went to a space centre with 5V. We got straight on the bus which took 40 minutes when we arrived we got straight into it. First we went to where you learn about static electricity with Chris. Then we had to rub a ballon to our heads and the see if it was attracted (sticked to the object) repel ( when’t away from the object) then we got right into it .We touched objects together to see if they would repel or attract. After snack we had to build a circuit and build a dancing robot out of wires, a motor, a battery and a CD.

After lunch and ‘this was the existing part’ we got to do experiments that you would have to do on Mars then an alert when’t off, the ship was hit by meteor we only had a few minutes left but luckily Misson control told us in time. Next we when’t to Misson control (my favourite) we asked the people in the lab questions about there task. BEEP BEEP BEEP the alarm went off, an unknown virus was coming, luckily we where quick and saved them.

What was your favourite task and why?


Diamante Poems



Scary Fright
Tricking Haunting Crackling Spooking
They are both special events
Unwrapping Stocking Giving
Decorations Glistening

What poem did you like and why


Leadership Talk



Today Shawn the police man came and talked about how to be a leader firstly he talked about how he was shy as a kid and to challenge your self, secondly he talked about being a police officer and being a role model, lastly he talked about him going to a leadership course and what they told him like treat people differently and not to be friends with other people.


what role do you want to be?





Today Mrs Montgomery came to all the grade fives and she thought us how to be a leader and to be a leader you will need to be…

Honest- You will always have to tell the truth or no one will trust you.

listing- You will have to listen to people on what they have to say.

Trust- You need to trust people.

Strong- You need to be mentally strong.

Humor – You have to laugh with them not at them.

Teamwork- Sometimes have to work together to achieve.

Focus- You have to focus on what is important.

I have had to trust people with keeping a secret.

I have had to focus on the more important things in life then something else.

What one of these is the most impotent and why? 


Rhyming Poem




Halloween makes you scream,

It makes you feel like a queen,

If you drees up like a zombie,

You’ll want to eat Apple crombie,

Halloween is that one night,

where you get to give people a fright,

I like going trick our treating,

You’ll end up over eating,

You’ll hear people squeaking,

At the treats you are eating

What poem do you like and why


Inter School Sports

Today it is Friday so we have sport all of the rockets had a bye so we played a torment with our team first to three sets. First I played doubles we got started they won the toss and the chose to receive they one the first two points then we got a point then they won the set. The second set we got three points the they came back so it was Duce then they won the set. We knew that we needed to play our best and we won the first set and another so the score was two all, then we got to Duce again we got advantage and the they hit it out and we won.

How did your team go?




Today we traced our shadows and then we came back to see what happened and there was no shadow.

I noticed that there was no shadows in the afternoon because of the clouds were blocking the sun. I learned that you need an object and the sun to make a shadow,  I also learned that the shadow is on the opposite side to the sun.








Tody day we where learning about the Luna system so the Earth, the Moon and the Sun. We had to

do a diagram about the three planets I think that the Earth spins around the sun and the moon spins around the earth I also think when the Earh is going around the sun it is also spinning.


Haiku Poems

Flowers are blooming

The sun is warm up high

This season is great


Haiku pomes have originated in Japan. The 3 lines all have to have different syllables the first one has to have 5 syllables the second one has to have 7 and the third one has to have 5.